Our Nepal for Expedition and Trekking Pvt.ltd.in short ONET was established in 2017 A.D. in Rupandehi district Butwal Nepal.

ONET is travel and trekking partner for national and international visitors. ONET just behaves as a catalyst to increase the tourism business by promoting the natural, cultural, ancient, historical , religious aspects and places like temples monuments sites rivers Himalayas rivers etc. to the tourist.

Nepal has very complex attachment of natural beauties attraction in small area of its land when it is presented to the guest. Situated at central part of the nation ONET will facilitate for visitors in arranging and managing different needs during their visit.

ONET will just serve the guest either from national or abroad according to their desire and intention. ONET will facilitate in different field such as transportation, accommodation, trekking, visa processing etc.

Due to the presence of wide range of cultural and historical aspects in this region for promotion and tourism business, ONET can be the best partner for you and Nepalese tourism development.